I have a TPT Store!

If you know me, at all, you know that I create almost everything that I use in the classroom.
Usually I’d rather make something, than spend hours searching the internet to find something.

I’ve started to really collect the things I’ve made, and as I am doing this, I have set up an account on TPT so that other people can use that stuff too! I get into a bad habit of making something last minute (usually 10 minutes before a lesson, haha, because that’s when my brain works best) and then I just delete it, or never save it, and end up having to make it again (although… I do get better and better when I do that).

All the images used in the things I make I have either drawn, made on my mac, or I got it from a free clipart website.

If you need something to be created, just let me know!

Check it out,

AlannaMazzon InTheEarlyYears


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