About Me

The person… 

My name is Alanna Mazzon, and I was born in Ontario, Canada. I have two brothers; I’m in the middle. My older brother lives in the States, and my younger brother lives in Canada, as do my parents. I am vegan and love animals, and I dream of having a big field filled with dogs (weird? or not weird?). I love to travel and have no idea where I want to ‘settle down’ and am not sure I even know what that means. I find it very hard to separate my personal life with my teaching life. My work is my passion, and to find the line that separates life from work is very difficult (I’m sure many can relate to this point).

The teacher..
I am an Ontario Certified Teacher (ww.oct.ca) teaching and living abroad. I graduated from Teacher’s College (Primary/Junior divisions) at Lakehead University (in Orillia, Ontario, Canada) in 2012, and in that summer I moved to Beijing to work at an international school as an Early Years teacher.
I lived and worked in Beijing for three years; one year with 2/3 year olds, and the other two as a Kindergarten teacher. I also taught during the summer in their summer camp for three years.
After three years in Beijing, I moved to Germany to work at an international school in Bavaria. I worked there for two years, working as an Early Years 5 teacher (aka Kindergarten).
I am now living and working in Malta. Also teaching Kindergarten (can you see the pattern here?)
I am very passionate about education in the early years, as well as inclusion in the elementary grades. My philosophy is rooted in *natural inquiry and inspired by Reggio, and I LOVE play. I believe in a student-centered and driven classroom, encouraging and developing critical thinking skills, problem solving, and the love of learning. I believe that respect and responsibility play a huge role in education and that developing independence, self-confidence, and individuality are more important than academics (…yup).

I am certified using the Ontario curriculum and have experience teaching the New Brunswick curriculum, the PYP framework, and the IPC. I am also studying for my Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Design.

*When I say ‘natural’ inquiry, I mean inquiry that is driven completely by the students – not an inquiry into _____ because that’s the unit we’re doing. I mean, an inquiry into Batman because the kids have so many questions about him (even if the year plan says we’re supposed to do a unit on Space or Plants). I do respect inquiry that takes place within units that actually link to the units, but I am more interested in the other kind.

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