Loose Parts.

I strongly believe that the power of unlocking imagination and creativity is though playing with loose parts.

Here’s a great video of some teachers in Ottawa talking about how they use loose parts.

What are loose parts?
Pretty much anything that can be used in an open-ended way – buttons, pom poms, gems, wood, cardboard rolls, cotton balls, keys, blocks, shells, baskets…
Anything that is not fixed or permanent, that can be moved around, used and reused in many different ways.

Loose parts allow for children to decide what the object is in that moment (and the fact that what they decide that object to be can change throughout their play is incredible). They are great to add to a MakerSpace, art area, block area, and/or dramatic play area, in your classroom (or home).


Some new inventions and creations made out of Loose Parts (mainly recycled materials) at our MakerSpace.
A diorama made out of loose parts found in our classroom (boxes, clay, paper, animals)
Batman’s Party. The buttons are food, and Batman invited all the story book characters to come and eat.
A secret hideout house using number mats (great 3D shape connection too).


Sticks and stones are great loose parts. They are making a camp fire.
Mud is a great (and wonderfully messy) loose part. Cooks in the kitchen! Taking orders and making food.
A scribble bot made from loose parts.
They were making perfume by mixing rice, water, and flour.

There are a lot of photos in my Block Play post using loose parts too (to avoid multiple posts with the same photos, I did not add them here).

Things I think you should read…
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